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December 10, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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American Leadership Forum of Oregon

The American Leadership Forum (ALF) of Oregon is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that brings a diverse range of corporate, public and non-profit leaders together to build effective networks of collaboration, service and community throughout the state. By creating a network of leaders with established bonds of trust and mutual support, ALF strengthens the commitment of leaders to utilize collaborative approaches to dealing with often complex community and statewide issues.

The ALF Mission Statement

Joining and strengthening diverse leaders to serve the common good. ALF enhances leadership by building on the strengths of diversity and by promoting collaborative problem solving within and among communities.


Click here to learn more about New ALFO Executive Director, Lisa Watson of Class 30


November 28, 2018 Statement on Civil Discourse

As our country continues to witness the escalation of blame-fueled rhetoric, anger-and-hate-driven violence and amplified acts of unprecedented divisiveness, we as Senior Fellows of the American Leadership Forum feel compelled to step up and speak out.

There has never been a better time to double down on living the ALF ideals of dialogue. We know how to do this; this is what we stand for. In that spirit, here are some ways we can all “show up” in this world:

  • Use your network to bring diverse thinkers together.
  • Practice the art of transformative dialogue.
  • Prioritize acts of intentional kindness and education over isolation.
  • Seek out rational commentary on opposing views, then seek to understand.
  • Avoid the impulse to react and escalate. As Rabbi Oren Hayon of Houston’s Congregation Emanu El recently said, “We cannot disregard anyone’s humanity if we hope to have our own humanity preserved.”
  • Speak out against hateful speech and behavior targeted against any group.

Live the ideals of ALF and encourage others to join you on that preferred path. It is time to model the principles of our mission, established nearly 40 years ago, that encourage us all to be leaders in bringing people from all corners of our diverse communities together.

We must ask ourselves, “How am I showing up?  What will I do to help facilitate change?”

American Leadership Forum – National Board of Trustees

November 28, 2018

Beth Boggs, Tacoma, WA                                                

Debra Brown, Portland, OR

Gina Carroll, Houston, TX

Troy Christensen, Tacoma, WA

Sam Cook, Myrtle Beach, SC

Louis Cooper, Tacoma, WA

Dee Dee Dochen, Houston, TX

Bonnie Ferreira, Sacramento, CA

Reagan Flowers, Houston, TX

Kathy Halsey, Modesto, CA

Chrystal Joy, Charlotte, NC

Albert Najera, Sacramento, CA

Cyndee Patterson, Charlotte, NC

Rolanda Pierre-Dixon, San Jose, CA

Kimberlee Sheng, Portland, OR

Dan Snare, Houston, TX

Wendy Spencer, Merced, CA

Suzanne St. John-Crane, San Jose, CA

Pam Stewart, Sacramento, CA

Harriet Wasserstrum, Houston, TX

David Williams, Memphis, TN

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