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October 13, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
February 13, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am
May 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
June 9, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of ALFConnect?

    • To foster meaningful conversations on issues that matter to Oregonians and to promote problem solving within and among Oregon communities by building on the combined strengths of our diversity, Senior Fellows, and new 21st century media.
  • What is ALFConnect?

    • ALFConnect was the project of ALF Class 26. The class realized there is a need in the Oregon ALF network to build more connections between fellows and to build on those connections toward collective action focused on the common good of Oregon. ALFConnect may be found on the ALF Oregon website and will feature content such as videos, essays, research, and articles that is curated by an ALF Editorial Committee. Class 26 created ALFConnect specifically to:
      • elevate issues of significance to the state;
      • create a user-friendly, technology based forum for interaction and problem solving;
      • amplify underrepresented voices;
      • embrace all viewpoints;
      • build on the ALF training we've all had; and
      • leverage the power of the ALF network.
    • New content will be added at least three times a year on topics such as Native American curriculum, migrant worker health, water rights and so on. Topics will be directed by ALF Senior Fellows themselves. ALFConnect launches conversation on the website with the intent that it will continue in person, at forums, on blogs — anywhere Senior Fellows want to take it. The leap from information to action — to meaningful change — can happen through ALFConnect.
  • How often will material be presented on the website?

    • New content will be added at least three times a year on topics such as Native American curriculum, migrant worker health, water rights and so on. ALF Senior Fellows will receive an email alerting them to the addition of a new voice on ALFConnect and will be invited to engage in the conversation.
  • Who can post on ALFConnect?

    • ALFConnect will be open to all Oregon Senior Fellows. The intent is to make it as simple as possible to bring an issue to other Senior Fellows within guidelines that honor the values and mission of ALF.
  • What is the process I will follow?

    • Once you have an idea for ALFConnect, the first step will be to submit a short overview (no more than a page) to the ALFConnect Editorial Committee describing your idea. The submission form is included here. The ALFConnect Editorial Committee will provide you with feedback and assistance if needed to bring your idea to fruition.
  • Once I get a green light from the Editorial Committee, what happens next?

    • You will need to determine the easiest way for you to capture your voice, whether in video, written form, or powerpoint. In addition, you will need to gather any additional resources (research, facts, links to organizations) and submit it to the Editorial Committee for uploading onto the website.
  • What is the role of the Editorial Committee?

    • The Editorial Committee will be composed of ALF Board Members, Class 26 members and other interested Senior Fellows. Their main job is to support the easy submission of any Senior Fellow interested in being part of ALFConnect while being true to the values of ALF. They will outline criteria and guidelines and make sure the guidelines are followed. Guidelines are here.
  • Can I get any help with making a video or researching additional information?

    • We have some initial guidelines for you here. Feel free to ask the Editorial Committee for help when you submit your idea.
  • How will other Senior Fellows be engaged?

    • There will be opportunities to sign up to help. We hope to very quickly add a feature that allows Senior Fellows to interact with ALFConnect through comments, blogs, etc.

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